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alright kelley, here I am.

about me: my name is veronica and I am the mod's sexy muse.  I'm 15 and I like heavy metal.  aand... I have a boyfriend... he's 17 and his name is Mitch.  I pretend to be conceited just to make myself feel good about myself because... once you see it, I'll need it.  and that's all I can think of about me right now.  so... let's get to the pictures.

most of these are pointless and I was just bored.

that's meee... :\

I'm not really sure of what I was thinking when I took that picture...

me and Mitch.

body shot just in case.

"like, oh my GOD" ...

hot kelley and me (before I cut and dyed my hair)

and I guess that's all.  <3

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