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You can be hot when your 8 years old : )

Sorry...this was just cute and funny because its sort of like "me-ow im a sexy little kitten" least my boyfriend said that when he saw it

New [real] pictures in 5days...

You all should post one picture of yourselves when you were this age or close to this age. Because you can also look hot when your young. Its like a hot younger version of you! Although i look more cute than hot here

Ahh screw it. If you dont like this post and think that im weird then screw you cause it is a post now isnt it :P

About me: I am 17 and live in austin. I also have a boyfriend [obviously] and he is asian and his name is long<3. I like alternative rock [ex: 90s stuff : )]...most of the songs that were played in vh1's i love the 90s. I wish i was a model...and i want to be a movie director when i grow up
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