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Name: Kelley
Age: 17
Location: Austin, TX
Make us laugh/tell us something interesting: I created this community, then left it to bluntlove because I thought I was going to be insanely busy with this&that. Well, I'm back, and am re-joining the right way with an application and everything. Because I rock hard like that. I play guitar and listen to a lot of different kinds of music. I also enjoy making graphics. And yeah that's enough of that.
The link to the place you promoted us:
Post three clear pictures of you:

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well since u its not like i can say no since u did make this community...u can come back...we just need a LOT more people, and more promoting shit u know? welcome back, and welcome to hotasses...haha i have a ton of communites now, so come help with this one! haha <3
:P sure, i'd be more than happy to help you out.
fuck yeah

who could say no to THAT?!
so does karma like it on top or bottom?
Karma likes to be in control so mostly top. :D